You see the world with your own eyes.
The finger finds its place.
The camera becomes a part of you.

Your eye and the viewfinder.
Nothing gets off your mind.
Your detail, your composition, your build-up.
Slow movement.
You ponder.
You are stepping aside.
You make a conscious decision.
The picture arises in your head first.

The everyday becomes special.
Taking pictures isn’t difficult.
Seeing motives is.
You love darkness and light equally.
It is a very special kind of magic.
The motif comes into sight.
Your picture arouses.
It is unique.
You remember.
The moment of the photography.
Your picture is one of a kind.
Today there are too many pictures.
But too less photography.
You are our model.
Analogue photography is your conviction.
You give our classics a purpose.
You are analogue photography.

The Tetenal Classics Collection. Your partner for analogue photography since 1847.

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